This coming January 2015 PPG Pittsburgh Paints will be launching their new lines of paint.  This, of course, is a result of the buy that occurred this past year when PPG Pittsburgh Paint bought out Devoe Paint.  

It is a sad thing to see the old reliable paint brand get bought up.  Being, Devoe paint was the best paint ever made.  It covered better, filled better, held up better, and went on easier than any other paint on the market.  However, Devoe Paint isn't quite dead yet.

PPG will keep Devoe products, while rebranding them.  Some products will keep the same paint formula while representing a new PPG label, and others will have new formulas and new PPG labels. Here is a breakdown...

New "enhanced" paint formula products:
-Regency Paint + Primer In One Interior and Exterior
- KILSTAIN WB Primer (Noooooo!)

"Same Great" Formula Products:
-Ceiling Paint
-High Hiding Primer
-PVA Primer

It's a shame PPG is changing the KILSTAIN WB Primer.  That stuff it is the greatest, being as thick as pancake batter.  Hopefully the "enhanced" products are as good or better than the old Devoe formulas.